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PSY 201: Introduction to Statistics in Psychology

Fall 2017
MWF 11:30 am - 12:20 pm
Peirce Hall, Room 277


Greg FrancisPSYCH 3186 494-6934 gfrancis@purdue.edu Office hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2:00-3:00 pm
I check my email frequently, feel free to use it for questions and setting up appointments. If you cannot make my office hours, we can schedule for another time.

Class home page
The Internet home page for this course is http://www.psych.purdue.edu/~gfrancis/Classes/PSY201/indexF17.html This class does not use Blackboard.

IntroStats Online at https://introstatsonline.com. This is an on-line textbook that requires a login. You will receive information on setting up and registering an account from the instructor. You will be graded for finishing the readings by the assigned day and time (always 10:00 am). A rough outline of the readings is given below. Precise readings (sections and their due dates) are given at the textbook site. Each assignment must be completed by the assigned date and time. The textbook grade counts as 10% of your class grade.

The IntroStats Online text includes end-of-chapter homework assignments. The rough schedule is below, with precise details (which questions) at the textbook site. All homework assignments must be completed by 10:00 pm on the due date. The homework will make up 20% of your final grade.

StatLab assignments
Also included with your textbook is access to a web site called StatLab Online. A StatLab account, with the same login credentials, will be created when you sign up for your IntroStats Online account. You will be given StatLab assignments throughout the semester that measure some aspect of your behavior. They are run through the Internet and can be carried out at any computer lab on campus or at a home computer. At the end of each experiment you will need to calculate statistics that are appropriate for the experimental results. You get credit by finishing the experiment and answering all of the statistics questions correctly. Your overall lab grade will make up 15% of your final grade. In the schedule below, individual labs are associated with different dates. You must complete the lab by 10:00 pm on the date indicated to get credit. You will find that computing the statistics is easiest if you copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. If you have not previously used Excel, you may want to look over a tutorial to get started. Sorting is especially useful, and unfortunately is not covered in the previous tutorial.

Class attendance: Your presence for the lectures is mandatory, and will be checked each class period. Over the course of the semester, each student may miss up to 6 lectures without penalty. Additional absences will proportionally reduce your class attendance score. This score contributes to 5% of your final class grade. Athletes and other special cases need to contact Dr. Francis.

There will be three section exams and a final exam. The section exams will be in-class and the final exam will be given during the final exam period. Each section exam is worth 10% of your grade. The final exam is worth 15% of your grade, it will cover all topics of the course, and it is taken during the scheduled final exam period. Make-up exams will not be permitted unless you check with Dr. Francis at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam date to verify that your excuse allows you to take the exam at another time. Missed exams will receive a grade of 0. Study guides are available as links in the class schedule below.

Practice exams
Prior to each exam you will be given a practice exam (from Fall 2015). You must complete the practice exam and submit it to the TA for feedback by the date indicated in the schedule, below. Your grade on the practice exam is whether you complete the assignment, it is not based on the graded score of the practice exam. Completing the practice exams is worth 5% of your final class grade.

The number links on the far left of the schedule (below) are to PDF copies of the lecture notes.

Teaching Assistant
Farzin ShamlooPeirce Hall Room 365B farzin.shamloo@gmail.com Office hours:Tuesday and Friday 3:00-4:30 pm

Handouts are in portable document format (pdf). You can view them with a pdf viewer, for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is probably already installed on university computers and is available for free at http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html.

No.Date Topic Reading AssignmentsHomework AssignmentsStatLab AssignmentsPractice Exams
01August 21 Introduction
02 August 23 Measurement Chapter 1
03 August 25 Plots Chapter 2 Homework 1
04 August 28 Distributions
05 August 30 Central tendency Chapter 3a Homework 2 Frequency distribution - Speeded Reaction Time
06 September 1 Variability Chapter 3b Percentile Rank - Sense of Humor
-- September 4 Labor Day (No class)
07 September 6 Normal distribution Chapter 6a Homework 3
08 September 8 Normal distribution Chapter 6b Central Tendency - Horizontal Vertical Illusion
09 September 11 Normal distribution Standard Deviation - Weber's Law
10 September 13 Correlation Chapter 4a Homework 4
11 September 15 Correlation Chapter 4b Standard (z) scores - Memory Span Practice Exam 1
12 September 18 Correlation
13 September 20 Probability Chapter 5a Homework 5
SG1 September 22 Review for exam Correlation - Lexical Decision
-- September 25 SECTION EXAM I
14 September 27 Probability
15 September 29 Probability Chapter 5b Homework 6
16 October 2 Sampling distributions Chapter 7a
17 October 4 Sampling distributions Probability - Typical Reasoning
18 October 6 Hypothesis testing-mean Chapter 9a Homework 7
-- October 9 Oct. Break (No class)
19 October 11 Hypothesis testing-mean Chapter 9b
20 October 13 Hypothesis testing-mean Chapter 8a and 10a
21 October 16 Estimation Chapter 8b Homework 8
22 October 18 Estimation Chapter 8c and 9c Hypothesis test of a mean - Ebbinghaus Size Illusion Practice Exam 2 (Revised)
23 October 20 Hypothesis testing-correlation Chapter 7b and 8dHomework 9
SG2 October 23 Review for exam Confidence Intervals - Air Traffic Control
-- October 25 SECTION EXAM II
24 October 27 Hypothesis testing-proportions Chapter 7c and 8e
25 October 30 Two samples - independent means Chapter 7c, 8f, and 10b Homework 10
26 November 1 Two samples - independent means Chapter 10c Two-sample t-test - Emotional Stroop
27 November 3 Two samples - dependent means Chapter 10d
28 November 6 Two samples - other statistics Homework 11
29 November 8 Two samples - other statistics
30 November 10 Power Chapter 11
31 November 13 Power Practice Exam 3
32 November 15 Power Power -- Stroop Effect
SG3 November 17 Review for exam Homework 12
-- November 20 SECTION EXAM III
-- November 22 Thanksgiving Break (No class)
-- November 24 Thanksgiving Break (No class)
33 November 27 ANOVA Chapter 10e and 13a
34 November 29 ANOVA Chapter 13b
35 December 1 ANOVA
36 December 4 ANOVA Chapter 13c ANOVA -- Judging Art
37 December 6 Catch all Homework 13
SGF December 8 Review for final exam Practice Exam 4
No.Date Topic Reading assignmentsHomework assignmentsStatLab assignment Practice Exams