Monteith Intergroup Relations & Inclusion Laboratory


Welcome to the

Intergroup Relations & Inclusion Lab


The Intergroup Relations and Inclusion lab is headed by Dr.

Margo Monteith at Purdue University,  Department of

Psychological Sciences.


We conduct social psychological research to understand

processes that give rise to stereotyping, prejudice and

discrimination.  Much of our work focuses on implicit

(largely unconscious) intergroup biases.  We also examine

strategies for reducing  group-based biases and fostering

positive intergroup relations and inclusion.



News & Events


Our Boiler Inclusion Project (Diversity Transformation Award from the Office of the Provost Office) as yielded helpful videos and materials for addressing diversity, inclusion and intergroup relations. See here


Congratulations to Dr. Mason Burns for the successful defense of his doctoral thesis! Mason begins a visiting faculty position at Indiana University, Fall 2017.


Dr. Monteith hopes to recruit a new graduate student for Fall 2018.