Research Interests:

My interests lie broadly in group processes and social influence. My specific research topics include ostracism, social loafing and social compensation, stealing thunder, Internet research, and psychology & law.

General Area of Interests:

Social Influence

Group Processes

Psychology & Law

Specific Research Areas:


Social Loafing & Social Compensation

Stealing Thunder

Eyewitness Identification



Grants and Awards:

Awarded NSF (0519209-BCS) Grant on "Ostracism and Aggression," 2005-2008, $434,530.

Awarded ARC Discovery Grant on "Ostracism and Aggression," 2004-2009, $300,000.

Awarded ARC Discovery Grant (with Neil Brewer and Lynne ForsterLee) on "The dynamics of witness confidence effects on juror judgments," 2003-2004. $138,000.

Awarded Flinders University Small Grant (with Neil Brewer) on project entitled, "Witness Confidence and Juror Decision Making," $15,238.

Awarded Macquarie University New Staff Scheme Grant, "Developing a Virtual Reality Laboratory: A New Paradigm for further studies of Ostracism," 2001-2002, $20,000.

Awarded ARC Large grant (A00103201) on project entitled, "Power and Consequence of Ostracism,"  $161,840, 2001-2003.

Awarded ARC Large grant (A10007248) on project entitled, "CyberOstracism: Effects of being ignored on the Internet." ($41,203 for Year 2000).

Awarded ARC Small grant (with Lara Dolnik) on project entitled "The dissuasive tactic of stealing thunder," $12,000, 1999.

Awarded ARC Small grant (with Ladd Wheeler) on project entitled "Testing the Visibility Dimension of Ostracism using an Event-Contingent Self-Recording Method," $10,000, 1999.

Awarded Special Infrastructure Program (SIP) Grant to establish the Emotion and Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory (Chief PI: R. Richardson, with S. Andrews, R. Bryant, and P. Lovibond), $225,000, 1998.

Awarded ARC Large grant (A79800071) on project entitled, "Ostracism: The power of silence." $145,000, 1998-2000.

Awarded ARC Small grant on project entitled, "The development of a world wide web experimental paradigm to investigate ostracism," $12,858, 1998.

Principal Investigator on University Research Awards and Fellowship Program Grant (University of Toledo), "The Causes and Consequences of Social Ostracism," $6,950, 1994.

Principal Investigator on University of Toledo Faculty Research Grant on ăHuman Reactions to Being Ignored by a Group,ä $500, 1993.

Principal Investigator on University of Toledo FRAF grant on "Investigations Into Social Loafing and Social Compensation in Cohesive and Intimate Relationships," $6,151, 1990.

Principal Investigator on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute Grant for research on "Alcohol and Sexual Harassment," $2,000, 1988.

Winner of the 1987 American Society of Trial Consultant's "Research Prize" for paper entitled, "Stealing thunder: A preemptive strategy for persuasion and impression management" co-authored with Robert Croyle.

Principal Investigator on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute Grant (65-0025) for research on "Alcohol and Persuasion," $3,807, 1987.

Co-Project Director for NSF Grant for Psychology Microcomputer Laboratory at Drake University, $53,044, 1985.

Drake University Computer Assisted Instruction grant for developing the use of the Macintosh for Psych 2 (The Science of Psychology), ($1,000), 1984.

Winner of the 1980 American Association for the Advancement of Science Socio-Psychological (AAAS) Prize for "Many hands make light the work:  Social loafing as a social disease" with B. Latané and S. Harkins.  Presented with $1,000 in Toronto, Canada, 1982.

Subcontract from an Office of Naval Research Grant "Increasing productivity through social structure," with Latané and Harkins, $18,000, 1980.

Faculty Development Program award on new course development with J. Rankin for course on "The Psychology of Sex Differences," $900, 1980.

Drake University Faculty Development Grant for research on, "Effects of cohesiveness and identifiability on social loafing in word-processing pools," $999, 1979.

Drake University Faculty Development Grant for "A cross-cultural investigation of social loafing in Japan," $1,000, 1981.